I was watching Pippi Peterson’s YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/designfunthings) about her RV life and she talked about a bucket list. I used to have a bucket list but hadn’t thought about it in years. So it gets me thinking I need to look at my old bucket list. It used to be on 43things but alas that site is gone. Fortunately, I downloaded it.

43Things Bucket List

      Write a book and publish it


      Learn another language


      Learn to draw


      Knit a sweater


      Remove silver fillings DONE


    Learn free motion quilting DONE

Not a single travel location which is surprising. I want to see many places and experience different cultures so I really need a new bucket list.

New Bucket List

      Go to Ecuador and Galápagos Islands


      Go to Italy


      Go to Scotland


      Take a train ride


      Travel by RV and see Crater Lake and Yellowstone


      Publish a book


      Knit a sweater


      Heal my Fibromyalgia


    Sell the business and retire early

1993 Bucket List

I found a notebook from 1993 while I was reducing my belongings. It was interesting to see what I wrote. And there was a bucket list. So here ya go:

      Hike the Appalachian Trail


      Go to Australia


      Go to Disney World


      Meet Robin Williams


      Build a Robot


      Join Mensa


      Publish a Novel


      Run 3 miles without dying


      Weigh 130 pounds


      Get a Masters


      Build a Grandfather’s Clock


      Make a Quilt DONE


    Reupholster a piece of furniture

I would love to hear about your bucket list in the comments.
Photo by Birdman of Beaverton