Giving up SUGAR!

Like everyone else, I was addicted. Sugar is so addicting. The only way to kick the addiction is to go cold turkey. It took a few days and it was a struggle. After that, I didn’t miss it. I still don’t.

canolli photoI was shown a beautiful cannolli today but it didn’t look appetizing. I drank straight tea with no sugar and it tasted great. I lived in Texas for 27 years so I have drank a ton of sweet tea. But I’ll take my tea straight up with no sugar. I walked past the Girl Scouts and their cookies and said “No, Thank You.” I felt bad later for the poor girls so next time I see them, I’ll just donate some money.

Sugar bag photoSugar was the next step after giving up wheat. I’m weaning myself off all the junk food I have been nourishing my soul with over decades and taking control over my life. I realized the junk food was controlling me. Now I can nourish my body with good food.

brocolli kale photo

I’m loving all the ways to incorporate vegetables into my meals, even breakfast. I chop up broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots and add to my scrambled eggs. Kale and spinach get slipped into so many dishes just to get all the great nutrients. I made flax seed muffins so I have a quick breakfast when I’m up at 1-2 am to go to work.

I have more energy so I’m getting more of what I want to get done. My aches and pains are almost gone. I’m moving faster so I don’t appear to have Parkinson’s anymore. That’s a real relief. I’m ready to go on some hikes this summer. I’m ready to move forward and enjoy my life without sugar.

Photos by Fifth World Art   Geoff Peters 604    Evil Julia    Geoff Peters 604

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